Inspiring Quotes by Elon Musk

"Failure is An Option Here. If Things are Not Failing, You are Not Innovating Enough."

"When Something Is Important Enough, You Do It Even If The Odds Are Not In Your Favour."

Persistence Is Very Important. You Should Not Give Up Unless You Are Forced To Give Up."

"I Think It Is Possible For Ordinary People To Choose To Be Extraordinary."

"The Key To Making Things Affordable Is Design And Technology Improvements In Combination With Scale."

"I Could Either Watch It Happen Or Be A Part Of It."

"There's A Tremendous Bias Against Taking Risks. Everyone Is Trying To Optimise Their Ass-Covering."

"The Future Is Going To Be Made Of Electric Cars."

"If You're Trying To Create A Company, It's Like Baking A Cake. You Have To Have All The Ingredients In The Right Proportion."

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