Engineers’ Day 2022 : Inspirational Quotes Of India’S First Engineer

Sir Mokshagundam Visveshwaraya Is The First Indian Civil Engineer And His Birthday Is Celebrated In India

Muddenahalli Sir Mv Was Born In September Of 1861 And Was Known For His Invention Of Block Irrigation

The Knight Commander Of British Indian Empire Was Honoured By The 19Th Diwan Of Mysore

Motivational Quotes Given By Sir Mv Can Make Your Day Brighter

It Is Your Duty To Keep The Railway Crossing So Clean That No Other Crossing In The World Is As Clean As Yours

It Is Up To Us To Work Hard And Be The Best At What We Do

No One Person Can Change The Life Of Another

Nothing Can Change The Fact That We Are The Creators Of Our Own Destiny

To Give Real Service You Have To Add Something That Isnt Measured With Money